Universal AED Trainer English/Spanish


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The AED Practi-TRAINER® includes a replaceable scenario/language module making it the most unique and cost-effective unit on the market today. Our replaceable module means that when AHA guidelines are updated, you only need to upgrade your plug-in module – no need to buy an entirely new unit or send it out for re-programming.
Each Unit Comes with:
• 1 AED Practi-TRAINER® with English/Spanish (or other language) voice module with 8 pre-programmed scenarios,
• 1 remote control (batteries not included),
• 1 set of child pads and connector,
• 1 set of adult pads and connector,
• 1 manual,
• 1 carry case
• 1 large carry case to carry all 4 AED Practi-TRAINERS®

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